Friday, May 15, 2009

Pay per click pricing calculator

Pay per click is an advertising model used by search engines that requires you to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Proven highly effective, paid search has become a very competitive marketplace - and, recent estimates show it continues to grow in popularity.
Having a team of certified, highly skilled professionals work to improve your positioning and lower costs is a valuable asset. But, most importantly - leveraging the experience of seasoned search marketing experts will generate profit for your business.
Pay Per Click Pricing Calculator
Effective campaigns and higher ROI
Advanced technologies track, monitor and boost performance
Competitor insight and online activity analysis
Access to a dedicated account manager 24/7
Set your own budget
They have the experience, knowledge and certified staff to deliver positive results and complete, innovative solutions. The G3 Group has handled PPC campaigns for businesses in many industries, and their marketing experts are highly skilled at efficiently (and quickly) creating profitable pay per click campaigns.
great for local targeting
Pay per click advertising is great for targeting local customers. They can display your listings based on your geographic locations- even a specified radius around your business. Targeting and refining your campaigns helps them keep your advertising effective while maintaining a lower cost per campaign.
The fees will more than pay for themselves in terms of improved performance. View pay per click pricing to learn more.
their strategy
Success in pay per click is not measured by the best technology - it's measured by the best strategy. They take the time to understand how your buying process is defined for your customers. They analyze what stage of the buying process you are in and how you use language to search for your products & services. They provide you with a winning strategy by removing the guess-work... a strategy that will dominate your competition and produce a tangible return for your investment.

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