Monday, May 18, 2009

Character Codes & Descriptions

This lesson is not only for you, but for me. I am just learning most of what I post in my marketing blogs.

To create special character code, follow the steps below;

The characters will look like this;

‘ Left single quote
’ Right single quote
‚ Single low-9 quote
“ Left double quote
” Right double quote
† Dagger
‡ Double dagger
‰ Per mill sign
‹ Single left-pointing angle quote
› Single right-pointing angle quote
♠ Black spade suit
♣ Black club suit
♥ Black heart suit
♦ Black diamonds suit
↑ upward arrow
↓ Downward arrow
™ Trademark sign

Seem simple? Give it try, and dont forget to visit my other blogs, thanks, and come back soon...

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