Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Adding Tweet This Button

Twitter is among the most popular micro-blogging platform. Sharing something on Twitter is sometimes called "Tweet this" and is used to share a link to news, blog post or anything else you wanna share with your followers.

Putting a "Tweet this" button on your blog post makes it easy for your blog visitors to share your posts on twitter. Which in turn brings traffic to your blog. How much traffic it brings depends on how popular the person is and how many people follow his/her tweets. But it is always a good idea to make it easy for your blog visitors.
I searched for this kind of code I can insert in my Blogger template but couldn't find any help. I am not exactly a web developer but know how to tweak the code to make it work. So after doing some trial and error, I can say, if you add the following code to your blogger template you can get "Tweet this" on your Blogger blog too:
A little explanation for the highlighted part of the code:

Replace YOURTwitterUSERNAME with your twitter user name, if you wanna track and see who is sharing your blog posts. Otherwise simply delete @YOURTwitterUSERNAME.
Replace the image URL http://LINK TO TWITTER IMAGE ON YOUR SERVER by the link for twitter image on your server.
I have added 'Reading' before the twitter status, if you want you can change/remove it.
Now add the resulting code to your blogger template. Which should be copied in the footer.

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