Friday, May 1, 2009

More than just email

Though few of us may have noticed it several years ago, it turns out there is a whole wealth of information people want to share for which email is not suitable. Had a great conversation with a friend? Come across a quote that you want to share? Found a really cool website? Going to visit San Francisco and wondering what events are happening . . . all these are not likely suitable as an email to friends or even a blog post, but perfect for a tweet. Indeed, some of us may even have asked ourselves, “What did people do with such information before Twitter?”

Email will not likely cease, but more people are realizing that much of the content they want to share fits in two categories: 1) it can be expressed in few words, and 2) it’s information that they are happy to make public. In this age of “open conversations” and the “free sharing of information” Twitter allows for the sharing of content – both that we create and that we find — much more than email.

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