Monday, May 25, 2009

Easy Part-time Cash Flow

Visit our Promotion Center for banners and tips on getting new referrals.

Note: Promoting on Facebook, MySpace, etc. will get you banned! Read our Anti-SPAM policy first.

You can increase your referral commissions by referring more active United States members. (View Levels)

You currently earn 20% of what your referrals make and 10% of what their referrals make.

You'll also receive a $3.00 bonus for each referral who earns their first $10.00.

* We will mail your check on this date after every month that you meet your minimum payout of $20.00.

Need some help getting referrals? Here are a few ideas that have helped many of our members:

Forum Signatures - Add a link with a short description of the program to your signature in forums that you actively contribute to. If you are not active at any forums, consider joining some that discuss online money making. CashCrate does not encourage or endorse spamming of any form.
Blogging - Create a free blog at and talk about how to make money online with CashCrate. Share tips with the visitors on how to complete offers and tricks for referring other members, be sure to include your referral link in the blogs that you post. Once you are indexed by search engines, you will begin to get traffic from people who are looking for ways to generate cash online.
Show Off Checks - When you receive checks, allow them to make you money in more ways than one. Show them to your friends! People who trust in the program and have proof are a lot more likely to complete offers than those who are skeptical of whether or not they will be paid.
Hand Out Flyers - Handing out flyers is another great way to gain referrals. You can also pin them up on bulletin boards at public places and any other locations where it is legal.
Business Cards - It doesn't take too long to print up some business cards to carry around with you. You can also complete an offer with us called VistaPrint, for a small shipping fee they will send you cards that you can hand out to any prospective referrals.
You can also use the banners below to promote your referral link. Copy and paste the HTML code in the boxes to use the banners in your web pages, or use the BBCode for forums.

Your Referral Rank: Bronze
Active US Referrals: 0
Total First Level Referrals (20%): 1
Total Second Level Referrals (10%): 0
Payment Date: 15th*
Your Next Referral Rank: Silver
Active US Referrals Needed: 50
New First Level Commission: 25%
New Second Level Commission: 10%
New Payment Date: 1st

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